Make lxc-attach work again with docker 0.9

Docker 0.9 was released a few hours ago. Amongst other major new features, it contains a new "engine driver" abstraction to make possible the use of other API than LXC to start containers. It also provide a new engine driver based on a new API library (libcontainer) which is able to handle Control Groups without using LXC tools. If you're using lxc-attach, you may have ended up to something like

lxc-attach: failed to get the init pid

Lucid eclipse or once again, ubuntu upgrade breaks eclipse

As blogged here, it's advised to put a GRE_HOME="" as an env variable for eclipse.

Ruby gem mysql fails to install : `require': no such file to load -- mkmf (LoadError)

Recently, I had to upgrade a redmine setup. Amongst other requirements evolutions, which were handled fine by 'aptitude' and 'gem install', I found out I had to manually install a 'mysql' gem, presumably because it was not included any more with one of the dependency shipped with redmine build.

For what is worth, this is rails-related : the mysql connector is no more included, you have to install it separately. The redmine documentation went pretty clear to that point, telling me to run a classic "gem install mysql".

Struggling with Apache's ScriptAlias ? Watch out your rewrite rules.

That's a quick tip about a mistake that kept me struggling with an apache configuration for hours. I was trying to enable a cgi-version of php5 on an old, mod-php4 enabled, apache server. As the documentation and my google search results were saying, I ended up with the following configuration statements :

ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/ /usr/lib/cgi-bin/
<Directory "/usr/lib/cgi-bin">
AllowOverride None
Options ExecCGI -MultiViews +SymLinksIfOwnerMatch
Order allow,deny
Allow from all

P2V migration of a Windows 2000 machine on a (libvirt managed) KVM virtualized guest

Like many of sysadmin around this world, we've got some old boxes lying around, running old software on old OSes. Well, in this case this is that old : a Pentium II machine running ERP software on Windows 2000. The box isn't directly used. The management staff access it through VNC from their own machine. The reason of that setup is a bit odd (users on Mac, software available only under windows...) but that's another story. The fact is this is important software that management staff have to access for important stuff so data conservation itself is pretty much critical.

Eclipse and Ubuntu Karmic (9.10)

When I first started eclipse after ubuntu karmic upgrade, I noticed strangenesses :

  • Software upgrades were not possible any more because I couldn't click on the last validation button
  • Text search inside file (Ctrl+F) wasn't working : impossible to click on the "Search" Button
  • Panel toolbar buttons were not showing anymore when panel was temporarly open, but they do when it was restored

As I supposed, this is related to the new Ubuntu GTK environnemnet that is presumably not compatible with EClipse's SWT.

Puppet plugins directory in custom modules

At work, we use puppet to help managing the config ours servers. I recently noticed on each server that the system log was constantly reporting an error in the puppet routine. This error didn't prevent anything to work, but it bothered me. I find out why on someone else site[1].

Basically, here the reported message :

Nov 1 14:23:30 watch01 puppetd[2194]: (/File[/var/lib/puppet/lib]) Failed to retrieve current state of resource: can't convert nil into String Could not describe /plugins: can't convert nil into String

Dovecot, the new sieve plugin and the managesieve protocol.

As you may know, the Sieve implementation (sieve) in the dovecot IMAP server has been rewritten from scratch as of the 1.2 release. The previous useable implementation was simply the one you can find in the Cyrus IMAP server (cmusieve).

The managesieve protocol is used to manage your sieve script without having to access it directly via FTP or SSH.

Attach the maven assembly plugin to a build phase

Several month ago I decided to convert all the development project I manage to Maven. At least those that require a compilation phase. Flex projects are part of them. The problem is that for such projects, the build/compilation result in a myriad of files (.swf, .js, .html, assets) in the target folder. The Flex compilation suite (flex-mojos) only handle the .swf file. As a result, when releasing the project for a specific version, only this file is uploaded to the Maven repository.

E4X and namespaces

Today I was asked on how could it be possible to access XML nodes of a document that make use of XML namespaces. The solution is straightforward... as soon as you find it !

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