Puppet plugins directory in custom modules

At work, we use puppet to help managing the config ours servers. I recently noticed on each server that the system log was constantly reporting an error in the puppet routine. This error didn't prevent anything to work, but it bothered me. I find out why on someone else site[1].

Basically, here the reported message :

Nov 1 14:23:30 watch01 puppetd[2194]: (/File[/var/lib/puppet/lib]) Failed to retrieve current state of resource: can't convert nil into String Could not describe /plugins: can't convert nil into String

The reason is that when you have custom modules in your puppet manifests, you have to create à 'plugins' directory in each module folder. I think, putting plugin_sync=off in the puppet config would have fixed the problem but it wouldn't have explained it and maybe that plugin feature will become useful sooner or later.

[1] http://www.docunext.com/wiki/Puppet