Eclipse and Ubuntu Karmic (9.10)

When I first started eclipse after ubuntu karmic upgrade, I noticed strangenesses :

  • Software upgrades were not possible any more because I couldn't click on the last validation button
  • Text search inside file (Ctrl+F) wasn't working : impossible to click on the "Search" Button
  • Panel toolbar buttons were not showing anymore when panel was temporarly open, but they do when it was restored

As I supposed, this is related to the new Ubuntu GTK environnemnet that is presumably not compatible with EClipse's SWT.

But there's a workaround someone pointed out on an ubuntu mailing list[1] and someone else in the eclipse community[2].

I "packaged" it a bit as a bash script you can put into your main eclipse folder and invoke instead of 'eclipse' executable.

Here it is:

dir=`dirname $0`

The trick is obviously


Thank you Etienne :)