Dovecot, the new sieve plugin and the managesieve protocol.

As you may know, the Sieve implementation (sieve) in the dovecot IMAP server has been rewritten from scratch as of the 1.2 release. The previous useable implementation was simply the one you can find in the Cyrus IMAP server (cmusieve).

The managesieve protocol is used to manage your sieve script without having to access it directly via FTP or SSH.

In the previous releases of Dovecot, the configuration of managesieve was done appart from the configuration of cmusieve. You had to carefully set up both with the same settings. Nowadays, the managesieve protocol directly read the sieve plugin configuration to understand where are the assets it has to manage. Beware, if you leave the old managesieve settings directives in your dovecot.conf, it won't start anymore...

Error: Error in configuration file /etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf line 680: Unknown setting: sieve Fatal: Invalid configuration

And as a reminder, here are the two sieve main settings :

plugin {


# path of the symlink to the user's current active script
sieve = /VMAIL/sieve/%u
# path of the folder that store the scripts for a given user (same variables as mail_location)
sieve_dir = /VMAIL/sieve/%d/%n